Our Trainers

We have a Great Team of trainers that assist our clients with their training needs. All trainers come with their own Training or Practical skills in their particular field with different languages that ensure learners receive the most up-to-date and correct information.

Our trainers generally have a broad knowledge and experience of two or more different fields. The ability to diagnose and treat training issues is developed through their experience in a number of different fields.

Trainers will generally have an academic background either in specific courses such as ‘Cross Cultural Communication or ‘Cross Cultural Psychology’ or in related courses such as ‘International public Relations’ or ‘Master in Business Administration’. Their studies will equip them with the training skills and knowledge of the field that will later be applied in the business context.

Through courses and practical experience a trainer will have knowledge of training techniques. This will include communication skills, presentation methods, the use of activities, workshops and exercises to encourage engagement and interactivity as well as the utilization of different technology and media.

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